Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bulletproof backpack. Wait, 'bulletproof' what?

A West Palm Beach radio station purchased one of the backpacks and decided to put it to the test. They took the backpack to a gun range, strapped it to a stand and enlisted experienced gunman John Patrick to fire the shots.

Standing about 15 feet away, Patrick first fired a nine-millimeter handgun, then a 45-millimeter and finally a 38-millimeter was fired at the backpack.

After the backpack was checked for holes on the outside and penetration on the inside, it was determined that the backpack held up very well and did better than expected.

A backpack? A bulletproof backpack? My Jansport never did that and you know what? I'm glad it didn't have to.

It's a sad day when gun safety is so mainstream that kids have to don backpacks that can double as a bulletproof vest. I really wish my son didn't have issues of this sort to deal with in his future...for my sake as well as his.

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