Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Plastic Identity (excerpt 'Raising Nick' re:sentimental ties)

Background info: Plastic animal (giraffe, elephant, tiger) collecting, bike riding, fun filled Zoo day with about what seemed like half of Miami....MAN was the zoo packed!

( the car, on the way home)

Nick: Dad, can I name the giraffe?

Gus: Of course. What do you want to name him?

Nick: DeeJay

Gus: But you can't name it DeeJay, you already had a 'DeeJay.'

Nick: But I like DeeJay

Gus: That's like if Mom and I have another baby and name him/her Nicolas.

Nick: Oh...


Nick: I know. I'll call him 'Smith.'

LOUD laughter from Mom and Dad

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