Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seeing is believing (excerpt 'Raising Nick' re:mistaken identities)

Background info: immediately after seeing a braille sign....

Nick: Mom, what are the little dots for?

Me: They're for the blind.

Nick: the blind?

Me: Blind people cannot see.

Nick: Why?

Me: Well, sometimes people are born that way; sometimes they get sick and lose their vision (pointing at his eye); sometimes they get hurt in an accident.

Nick: An accident? Like when I leave my cars on the floor and it's dark and you can't see them and you sometimes fall.

Me: (trying not to laugh, semi-stern voice) Yes, like that. You have to pick up your cars or I'll think you don't want them and I'll give them to the church.

Nick: Ok.

Me: :)


Nick: Mom- blind people grow up to be pirates?


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