Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some 'girls are mean' bitches....(excerpt 'Raising Nick')

Nick: Mom, why are girls so mean?

Me: Who was mean to you?

Nick: Nicole and Stephanie (No clue who Stephanie is but Nicole sent him a $1 Valentine Gram for ValentiMe's day)

Me: But not Celeste?

Nick: No. Celeste is nice. (NOTE: Celeste is this cutesie, little, pig-tailed girl in his class who ALWAYS SCREAMS 'goodbye' to him when I pick him up @ school's end. She has a little sister named Emily and Nick ALWAYS talks about her. I like her so I usually ask.)

Me: How are they mean? What do they do?

Nick: Well, they're not friends because Stephanie doesn't like Nicole and I'm friends with Stephanie because she sits next to me.

Me: OK, but how are they mean?

Nick: They say they don't want to play with me.

Me: OH. Do you want to play with them?

Nick: No. Girls are mean but why? You're a girl mom.

Me: If you don't want to play with them, then it shouldn't matter why they are mean but not all girls are mean- just some. Nicole and Stephanie are mean because they want to play with you and don't know how to tell you that.

Nick: Can I just play with Sean and Isaiah?

Me: as long as you get an E

Nick: Nicole smells bad

Me: (trying not to laugh) OH...

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