Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today Must Be Free Carb Day!

It's as if the sugar gods are trying to get me to keep this leftover baby weight on my frame. Oh well...

Unnecessary caloric additions to my diet will be made possible today courtesy of the following freebies:

Starbucks is offering a free pastry with any handcrafted drink purchase until 10:30 am. So not only will I be loading up on caffeine and sugar from my drink but I can throw in a double iced cinnamon roll to enhance the flavor! Croissants, muffins, bagels, breads, poundcakes, scones, rolls, doughnuts, coffee cakes, morning buns and cheese danishes are all available- basically, the bulk of the bakery menu. Luckily Starbucks boasts that it's pastries do not contain artificial flavors, artificial dyes, artificial trans fats or high-fructose corn syrup.

To get your free pastry before 10:30 am, order any handcrafted, iced or brewed drink and present the coupon on paper or on any mobile device...there's that justification for my iPhone again. :) The coupon can be found here.

Then after lunch, head on over to Ben & Jerry's for a free cone or cup of your favorite ice cream.

Yup, free cone/cup day is back! An annual tradition dating back to 1979, the year my fabulous hubby was born, founders offer the freebies as a way to thank patrons for making this mom & pop start-up the international phenom it is today. My all-time favorite is half baked which contains chocolate and vanilla ice creams mixed with fudge brownie and chocolate chip cookie dough but I always use free cone/cup day as an excuse to try a new flavor. I'm going to have a difficult time choosing today because this year I have scoops of options. New flavors include: Maple Blondie, Milk and Cookies, Peanut Brittle, Boston Creme Pie, Dulce Delish, Mud Pie and Chocowlate Chip.

Greaaaaaaaaat. Maybe I'll take Nick after I pick him up from school.

Enjoy fellow fat-asses! :)

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