Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Abra Cadabra, Nauseum Repellus!

And just like that, it's gone.

Like some magical flip of the switch, the all powerful second trimester has arrived and all has been restored to normal. Well, except the whole growing abdomen & not being able to sleep on my back bit, of course.

And not a moment too soon either because I was getting P R E T T Y annoyed with the whole hyperemesis bit. I know I'm special but to get a condition that only less than 2% of prego women get?!?! Really? Le zumba el mango!

I'm oddly thankful for such a horrible first-trimester experience. I was almost starting to consider my husband's INSANE idea of 5 children. Not after this though- NO WAY! Three is more than plenty. Luckily, he's onboard this time.

Anyhow, the burst of energy you get is literally that- a burst. Last week I was half dead in bed, throwing up an average of 6 times daily, hypersalivating at all hours and was constantly nauseous. And this week? I'm almost afraid to mention it to anyone but things are exponentially better.

If I throw up once daily, it's an exaggeration. I can't stand to lay in bed and am actually venturing outside which is perfect considering the weather is finally nice.


  1. I am glad to here that you are doing well. Now, about having 3 kids........preparate!!!


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