Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Scientific Nutrition (excerpt 'Raising Nick' re: anatomical misconceptions)

I am often left speechless by the comments this kid makes. As he gets older, they get funnier and funnier...

So Nick tells me his teacher taught him about frogs AND high school today; an odd combination- yes, but who knows what he skipped over in her association of the two.

I decide to follow up his story by telling him that you get to dissect frogs in HS. "Eeeeew" he says.

"You also get to do bugs."


"Even a baby shark."

"Noooo!!! Poor sharkie!"

"Yup- a baby pig too."

"Oh no! Poor baby piggy- wait, do we get to eat the ham afterward?"


Eew...seriously kid? Eeeew!

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