Thursday, April 30, 2009

Miami Law (Sue on being nerdy)

'Cuz I'll never really grow up...and thank heaven for sons. :)

Official Release:
"Miami Law gives players the opportunity to fight crime by using brute force or conducting detective work," said Mike Pepe, Director of Marketing at Hudson Entertainment.  "The unique combination of action and crime-scene investigation gameplay will keep Nintendo DS owners hooked throughout the entire TV series ready storyline."  Miami Law features an intricate storyline with a shadowy terrorist conspiracy, furious shoot-outs in abandoned warehouses, challenging crime-scene detective work and more.  Players will have many opportunities to choose their path and experience the story from two points of view - either as the intense Law Martin from the Miami PD or the brainy Sara Starling from the FBI.  Depending on which character they pick, players will be presented with different challenges.  Playing as Sara will feature a puzzle-based, mystery solving element, whereas playing as Law will thrust the player into the action, often into car chases or shoot-outs where taking out the bad guys is the only way to get results.  Unlockable extras, including Texas Hold 'Em Poker and Sudoku, are also included and can be played at any time after being unlocked."

Exclusive DS release is scheduled for 06.09.09

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Supply and Demand (excerpt 'Raising Nick' re: passing genes)

Nick: Mom- are there tacos in San Francisco?

Me: Yes. You can probably get a taco anywhere. (wondering whytf he's asking 'bout Frisco?)

Nick: Even in outer space?




If only it were that easy...(excerpts from 'Raising Nick' re: fantasy)

Nick: Mom, if I behave tonight, can we go to Hawaii next week?

Gus & I: (looking at each other) ...

Sue: (to Gus, smirking) If I behave tonight, can we go to Hawaii next week?

Gus: ::smile::

does that mean yes?

Some 'girls are mean' bitches....(excerpt 'Raising Nick')

Nick: Mom, why are girls so mean?

Me: Who was mean to you?

Nick: Nicole and Stephanie (No clue who Stephanie is but Nicole sent him a $1 Valentine Gram for ValentiMe's day)

Me: But not Celeste?

Nick: No. Celeste is nice. (NOTE: Celeste is this cutesie, little, pig-tailed girl in his class who ALWAYS SCREAMS 'goodbye' to him when I pick him up @ school's end. She has a little sister named Emily and Nick ALWAYS talks about her. I like her so I usually ask.)

Me: How are they mean? What do they do?

Nick: Well, they're not friends because Stephanie doesn't like Nicole and I'm friends with Stephanie because she sits next to me.

Me: OK, but how are they mean?

Nick: They say they don't want to play with me.

Me: OH. Do you want to play with them?

Nick: No. Girls are mean but why? You're a girl mom.

Me: If you don't want to play with them, then it shouldn't matter why they are mean but not all girls are mean- just some. Nicole and Stephanie are mean because they want to play with you and don't know how to tell you that.

Nick: Can I just play with Sean and Isaiah?

Me: as long as you get an E

Nick: Nicole smells bad

Me: (trying not to laugh) OH...

Wiener Sighting (excerpt 'Raising Nick' re: reading skills)

Nick: (LOUD) look ma- WIENER!!!

Me: (driving) What?...what are you talking about silly boy? What wiener?

Nick: Look! The sign says 'wiener,' right mom? (pointing at roadside sign)

(driving eastbound on Killian, going over the Don Shula)

Me: It sure does but that's a lawyer's office not a real wiener. (Adopt-A-Road program, Law offices of Wiener & something forgettable)
(thinking to self- 'I didn't learn about wieners in kindergarten.')

Nick: What's a lawyer Mom?

(Thinking to self- 'sometimes a wiener...')

Plastic Identity (excerpt 'Raising Nick' re:sentimental ties)

Background info: Plastic animal (giraffe, elephant, tiger) collecting, bike riding, fun filled Zoo day with about what seemed like half of Miami....MAN was the zoo packed!

( the car, on the way home)

Nick: Dad, can I name the giraffe?

Gus: Of course. What do you want to name him?

Nick: DeeJay

Gus: But you can't name it DeeJay, you already had a 'DeeJay.'

Nick: But I like DeeJay

Gus: That's like if Mom and I have another baby and name him/her Nicolas.

Nick: Oh...


Nick: I know. I'll call him 'Smith.'

LOUD laughter from Mom and Dad

Seeing is believing (excerpt 'Raising Nick' re:mistaken identities)

Background info: immediately after seeing a braille sign....

Nick: Mom, what are the little dots for?

Me: They're for the blind.

Nick: the blind?

Me: Blind people cannot see.

Nick: Why?

Me: Well, sometimes people are born that way; sometimes they get sick and lose their vision (pointing at his eye); sometimes they get hurt in an accident.

Nick: An accident? Like when I leave my cars on the floor and it's dark and you can't see them and you sometimes fall.

Me: (trying not to laugh, semi-stern voice) Yes, like that. You have to pick up your cars or I'll think you don't want them and I'll give them to the church.

Nick: Ok.

Me: :)


Nick: Mom- blind people grow up to be pirates?


Case Studies: TV rots kids brains (excerpt 'Raising Nick' re: selfishness)

Background: Me standing on the counter top of Nick's bathroom sink painting an airplane....teetering on tippy-toes 'cuz I have vertical accessibility issues...Nick laying on the bathroom rug staring at the ceiling pestering me to finish the plane and start the clouds on the ceiling.

Nick: Mom- be careful! You're going to fall and I don't want you to get hurt.

Me: I'm not going to fall but thank you.
(Thinking to myself 'perfect opportunity for a 911 refresher')

Me: Do you know what to do if I fall and can't get up or if you see someone sleeping and they don't wake up?

Nick: Yes.

Me: What?

Nick: I call 9 1 1.

Me: Good. Do you know your address?

Nick. Yes. It's (includes hand signs) THE 3 O 5...

Me: ....where did you learn that nonsense? Did Tia Nicole teach you that?

Nick: I saw it on my TV when I was 4 years old.

(Note: when Nick refers to memories, he includes 'when I was '..IDK)

Me: TV is bad. It rots your brain. 3 ZERO 5 is our area code but it's not our address. Our address is XXXXXXXXXXX.

Time lapse: 5 minutes, practicing address

Nick: Mom- if I call 9 1 1, do I get a medal like that kid on TV?