Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If You Have Nothing Nice to Say....

What is with some people and their inappropriate comments?

I OFTEN wonder if some mothers forget to teach their kids to keep undeserved snide remarks to themselves because there are plenty of adults out there who write checks with their mouths which their a$$es can't cash! Being a smartass in response to some crappy situation is one thing but to make crazy comments outright, for no reason, is just plain rude. To do so in the course of your job, takes the cake.

Being pregnant seems to make you a magnet for sh*t like this.

Since this is my third time around, I thought I'd pretty much heard it all and learned how to graciously deal with off-the-wall commentary. I've learned to stomach remarks like 'your belly is huge,' ' are you sure there is only one in there,' 'you look like you swallowed (insert large object here),' 'are you going to breast feed with those huge boobies?' It's second nature to just smile and respond 'I love being pregnant,' and leave it at that. Yet, this morning I was greeted by the most inappropriate one I've heard to date and it left me speechless.

Today, while shopping at Target, the cashier felt it her duty to inquire about my fecundity.

Cashier: You have this pretty, little girl and you're already expecting another?

Me: We also have an older child who is 7.

Cashier: Don't you have a TV?

Me: ..... (I said nothing.)

Not only do we have a TV, but we have quite a few- one in our room, a huge one in the Florida room, one in Nick's room and one in my hubby's man cave. We also have Direct TV, an overabundance of movies, 4 gaming systems and a cabinet full of board games.

Oh, and did I mention that we also have healthy sex drives and a loving marriage? No complaints here- CLEARLY!

I am overly impressed with my restraint at not responding with an atypical, off-the-cuff response because this character was truly deserving of one. She had 4" brown roots on blond hair, a severe case of whiskers and a nasty case of camel toe from wearing pants that were two sizes too small. You'd think she could use her Target discount, not to mention the paycheck I just helped her earn by patronizing her employer, to buy a pair of pants that fit, some tweezers and some hair dye.